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The Universal Wave Function

April 6, 2022

The Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics denies that the wave functions ever collapse. Rather they keep evolving forever. And when you add all the wave functions in this universe you get the Universal Wave Function.

Any event with multiple possible outcomes, splits the wave function and all possible outcomes do indeed happen. So the Schrodinger's Cat is both alive AND dead. But your mind can only observe a single outcome and follows a narrow path through the ocean of the universal wave function containing everything that was, is and will ever be possible.

It's sort of like a choose your own adventure game. A crude analogy would be that with a ball floating in an ocean. The waves go in many directions, but the ball only traces a single path through it. Every decision of yours with multiple outcomes generates many versions of you (so to speak), but your state of mind at this very moment records only one of them. The same goes for other versions of you as well.

But that's an analogy. A more appropriate way to describe it would be that the universal wave function is the reality. But the living beings have evolved to perceive it in a different manner. So the world that we see around us, is but an interface, an illusion that gets the job done but is not the actual reality.

The many worlds interpretation is deterministic though. That means it is possible to perfectly predict the future state of the universal wave function. But does that mean there is no free will?

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