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Who Are You?

April 2, 2022

The real identity of the clay pot is the clay and not the pot.

Let's see where we go with this when thinking about ourselves.

This body including the brain is made up of molecules, the molecules are made of atoms, the atoms are made of subatomic particles and the subatomic particles are but waves in the infinite quantum fields.

By using the same reasoning as the clay pot, we can conclude that we are not this body and our real identity are the quantum fields. There is likely to be a more fundamental entity below the quantum fields but this is as far as we can reliably go as of now.

Do you see the problem with saying that my true identity is the quantum field? The quantum fields are not limited in space, they are infinite. Your body and my body arise out of the same quantum fields. So if the quantum field is indeed yours and mine true identity then you and I must be identical. In fact everything in this universe, living or non-living are not separate entities but literally the same entity in different forms.

And that indeed is one of the conclusions of non-dualism.

The very meaning of the word non-dual is the absence of a second entity. There is only one entity, call it by any name you want, out of which this entire universe becomes apparent.

This is still incomplete though. Since General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are not unified yet, spacetime and quantum fields still remain distinct. Moreover, there are many quantum fields, one for each fundamental particles. But we appear to be on the right track, and eventually we will find a theory of everything and hopefully that will give us a single entity that underlies all of reality.

But this much is certain

  1. You are neither the body nor the mind in it.
  2. You are identical with the fundamental entity that underlies all of reality.
  3. There is not even the slightest distinction between objects or individuals. They are quite literally the same entity.

Thus we reach the provisional conclusion of non-dualism.

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